The namespace contains classes suitable for export, save or creation of different file formats.


ApngOptionsThe API for Animated PNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) image file format creation is a dynamic tool for developers seeking to generate captivating animated images. With customizable options such as frame duration and the number of times to loop, this API allows for fine-tuning animated content according to specific needs. Whether creating engaging web graphics or interactive visuals, you can leverage this API to seamlessly incorporate APNG images with precise control over animation parameters.
BigTiffOptionsThe API for BigTIFF raster image format creation is specifically designed to serve to the unique requirements of applications utilizing large-scale imaging data from scanners. This API facilitates the seamless generation of BigTIFF format, which combines multiple TIFF images into a single, comprehensive image. It ensures efficient processing of extensive image data, providing developers with a powerful tool for creating and manipulating high-resolution, multi-image formats.
BmpOptionsThe API for BMP and DIB raster image format creation options provides developers with a versatile toolset for generating custom Bitmap (BMP) and Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) images. With this API, you can precisely define image characteristics such as bits per pixel, compression level and compression type, tailoring the output to meet specific requirements. This feature-rich API empowers developers to create high-quality, customized raster images with ease and flexibility for diverse applications.
CdrRasterizationOptionsWith the ability to perform CDR image rasterization and set scale factors for both X and Y dimensions, this API provides precise control over the transformation process. Whether scaling for specific output requirements or converting vector graphics to raster formats, you can leverage this API for efficient and customizable CDR vector to raster image conversion.
CmxRasterizationOptionsthe CMX exporter options.
DicomOptionsThe API for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) raster image format creation is a specialized tool tailored for medical device applications. It enables the seamless generation of DICOM images, crucial for storing medical data and containing vital identification information. With features to and set compression, define color types, and embed XMP metadata, developers can ensure compliance and flexibility in managing DICOM images for medical imaging purposes.
DjvuMultiPageOptionsThe API for DjVu graphics file format provides developers with seamless access to DjVu documents, ideal for scanned documents and books. With image loading options, developers can effortlessly integrate DjVu files into their applications, unlocking the potential to work with multi-page content, including text, drawings, and images, for versatile document processing solutions.
DxfOptionsAPI for Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) vector image creation offers tailored solutions for generating AutoCAD drawing files with precision and flexibility. Designed specifically for working with text lines and Bezier curves, developers can efficiently manipulate these elements, count Bezier points, and convert curves into polylines for seamless exporting, ensuring compatibility and fidelity in DXF vector images.
EmfOptionsThe Emf options.
EmfRasterizationOptionsThe Emf rasterization options.
EpsRasterizationOptionsThe Eps rasterization options.
GifOptionsThe API for Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) raster image file creation offers developers comprehensive options for generating GIF images with precise control. With features to set background color, color palette, resolution, interlaced type, transparent color, XMP metadata container, and image compression, this API ensures flexibility and efficiency in creating optimized and visually appealing GIFs tailored to specific application requirements.
Html5CanvasOptionsCreate HTML5 Canvas files effortlessly with our API, allowing you to seamlessly combine elements like forms, text, images, animations, and links. Benefit from robust features including tag identifier and encoding settings support, ensuring optimal performance and customization for your web projects.
IcoOptionsCreate custom ICO image files for application icons effortlessly with our API, empowering you to represent your software seamlessly. Our API supports PNG and BMP image frames with various bits per pixel values, ensuring versatility and compatibility for your icon creation needs.
Jpeg2000OptionsCreate JPEG2000 (JP2) image files with our API, utilizing advanced wavelet technology for coding lossless content. Benefit from support for various codecs, including irreversible and lossless compression, as well as XMP metadata containers, ensuring versatility and high-quality image creation tailored to your needs.
JpegOptionsCreate high-quality JPEG images effortlessly with our API, offering adjustable levels of compression to optimize storage size without compromising image quality. Benefit from support for various compression types, near lossless coding, RGB and CMYK color profiles, as well as EXIF, JFIF image data, and XMP containers, ensuring versatile and customizable options for your image creation needs.
MetafileOptionsThe Metafiles base options.
MetafileRasterizationOptionsThe metafile rasterization options
MultiPageOptionsBase class for multiple pages supported formats
OdgRasterizationOptionsThe Odg rasterization options
OdRasterizationOptionsThe Od rasterization options
OtgRasterizationOptionsThe Otg rasterization options
PdfOptionsThe PDF options.
PngOptionsCreate high-quality Portable Network Graphics (PNG) raster images effortlessly with our API, offering customizable options for compression levels, bits per pixel depths, and alpha bits. Seamlessly process XMP metadata containers, ensuring comprehensive image metadata management, and empowering you to tailor PNG images to your exact specifications with ease.
PsdOptionsCreate Photoshop Document (PSD) images with our API, offering versatile options with different format versions, compression methods, color modes, and bits counts per color channel. Seamlessly handle XMP metadata containers, ensuring comprehensive image processing with the power of PSD format features like image layers, layer masks, and file information for customization and creativity in your designs.
PsdVectorizationOptionsThe vectorized PSD rasterization options.
RdOptimizerSettingsRD optimizer settings class
RenderResultRepresents information with results of rendering
SvgOptionsCreate Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) image files with our API, utilizing versatile options for color types and compression levels. Seamlessly customize your SVG images with precision, ensuring optimal quality and compatibility for your design needs.
SvgRasterizationOptionsThe SVG rasterization options.
TgaOptionsThe TGA file format create options.
TiffOptionsThe tiff file format options. Note that width and height tags will get overwritten on image creation by width and height parameters so there is no need to specify them directly. Note that many options return a default value but that does not mean that this option is set explicitly as a tag value. To verify the tag is present use Tags property or the corresponding IsTagPresent method.
TimeIntervalRepresents the time interval in milliseconds
VectorRasterizationOptionsThe vector rasterization options.
WebPOptionsCreate modern WebP raster web images using our API, featuring robust support for lossless and lossy compression, as well as alpha channels and animation loops. Enhance your web content with dynamic visuals while optimizing file sizes for improved loading speeds and user experience.
WmfOptionsThe wmf options.
WmfRasterizationOptionsThe Wmf rasterization options.


MultiPageModeRepresents multipage mode
PdfImageCompressionOptionsPdf image compression options
PositioningTypesPositioning and size types for graphics scene.
RenderErrorCodeRepresents possible missing sections in CAD file
TiffOptionsErrorThe tiff options error codes.
TypeOfEntitiesRepresents types of entities to render