XmpRightsManagementPackage class

Represents XMP Rights Management namespace.

public sealed class XmpRightsManagementPackage : XmpPackage


Name Description
XmpRightsManagementPackage() The default constructor.


Name Description
virtual Item { get; set; } Gets or sets the Object with the specified key.
virtual Keys { get; } Gets the keys in XMP package.
NamespaceUri { get; } Gets the namespace URI.
Prefix { get; } Gets the prefix.
XmlNamespace { get; } Gets the XML namespace.


Name Description
override AddValue(string, string) Adds string property.
virtual Clear() Clears this instance.
virtual ContainsKey(string) Determines whether the specified key contains key.
GetEnumerator() Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
virtual GetXmlValue() Converts XMP value to the XML representation.
virtual Remove(string) Remove the value with the specified key.
SetCertificate(string) Sets the certificate.
SetMarkedAsRightManagement(bool) Marks as right management content
SetOwners(string[]) Sets owners.
SetUsageTerms(LangAlt) Sets the usage terms.
virtual SetValue(string, IXmlValue) Sets the value.
SetWebStatement(string) Sets the web statement.
virtual SetXmpTypeValue(string, XmpTypeBase) Sets the XMP type value.

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