The namespace contains XMP related helper classes and methods.


Class Description
LangAlt Represents XMP Language Alternative.
Namespaces Contains namespaces used in RDF document.
XmpArray Represents Xmp Array in XmpPackage. TODO: Array may contain complex data.
XmpArrayHelper The helper class for processing RDF logic
XmpElementBase Represents base xmp element contains attributes.
XmpHeaderPi Represents XMP header processing instruction.
XmpMeta Represents xmpmeta. Optional. The purpose of this element is to identify XMP metadata within general XML text that might contain other non-XMP uses of RDF.
XmpPackage Represents base abstraction for XMP package.
XmpPackageBaseCollection Represents collection of XmpPackage.
XmpPacketWrapper Contains serialized xmp package including header and trailer.
XmpRdfRoot Represents rdf:RDF element. A single XMP packet shall be serialized using a single rdf:RDF XML element. The rdf:RDF element content shall consist of only zero or more rdf:Description elements.
XmpTrailerPi Represents XMP trailer processing instruction.


Interface Description
IXmlValue Converts xmp values to the XML string representation.


Enumeration Description
XmpArrayType Represents array type in XmpArray.