XmpPacketWrapper class

Contains serialized xmp package including header and trailer.

public class XmpPacketWrapper


Name Description
XmpPacketWrapper() Initializes a new instance of the XmpPacketWrapper class.
XmpPacketWrapper(XmpHeaderPi, XmpTrailerPi, XmpMeta) Initializes a new instance of the XmpPacketWrapper class.


Name Description
HeaderPi { get; } Gets the header processing instruction.
Meta { get; set; } Gets the XMP meta. Optional.
Packages { get; } Gets array of XmpPackage inside XMP.
PackagesCount { get; } Gets amount of packages inside XMP structure.
TrailerPi { get; } Gets the trailer processing instruction.


Name Description
AddPackage(XmpPackage) Adds the package.
ClearPackages() Removes all XmpPackage inside XMP.
ContainsPackage(string) Determines whethere package is exist in xmp wrapper.
GetPackage(string) Gets package by namespace URI.
RemovePackage(XmpPackage) Removes the XMP package.


A wrapper consisting of a pair of XML processing instructions (PIs) may be placed around the rdf:RDF element.

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