CmykColorHelper.GetC method

Gets the cyan component value.

public static int GetC(int cmyk)
cmykInt32The CMYK color presented as a 32-bit integer value.

Return Value

The cyan component value.


The following example shows how to convert RGB colors to their CMYK counterparts without applying ICC profiles.


Aspose.Imaging.Color[] rgbColors = new Aspose.Imaging.Color[]

System.Console.WriteLine("Convert RGB to CMYK without using ICC profiles.");
foreach (Aspose.Imaging.Color rgbColor in rgbColors)
    int cmyk = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.ToCmyk(rgbColor);
    int c = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetC(cmyk);
    int m = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetM(cmyk);
    int y = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetY(cmyk);
    int k = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetK(cmyk);

    System.Console.WriteLine("RGB({0},{1},{2})\t\t=> CMYK({3},{4},{5},{6})", rgbColor.R, rgbColor.G, rgbColor.B, c, m, y, k);

//The output looks like this:
//Convert RGB to CMYK without using ICC profiles.
//RGB(255,0,0)        => CMYK(0,255,255,0)
//RGB(0,128,0)        => CMYK(255,0,255,127)
//RGB(0,0,255)        => CMYK(255,255,0,0)

The following example shows how to convert CMYK colors to their RGB counterparts in a fast manner following straightforward formulas without using ICC profiles.


int[] cmykColors = new int[]
    Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.FromComponents(255, 0, 0, 0),   // Cyan
    Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.FromComponents(0, 255, 0, 0),   // Magenta
    Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.FromComponents(0, 0, 255, 0),   // Yellow
    Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.FromComponents(0, 0, 0, 255),   // Black

System.Console.WriteLine("Convert CMYK to RGB without using ICC profiles.");
foreach (int cmykColor in cmykColors)
    Aspose.Imaging.Color rgbColor = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.ToArgb(cmykColor);
    int c = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetC(cmykColor);
    int m = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetM(cmykColor);
    int y = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetY(cmykColor);
    int k = Aspose.Imaging.CmykColorHelper.GetK(cmykColor);

    System.Console.WriteLine("CMYK({0},{1},{2},{3})\t\t=> RGB({4},{5},{6})", c, m, y, k, rgbColor.R, rgbColor.G, rgbColor.B);

//The output looks like this:
//Convert CMYK to RGB without using ICC profiles.
//CMYK(255,0,0,0)        => RGB(0,255,255)
//CMYK(0,255,0,0)        => RGB(255,0,255)
//CMYK(0,0,255,0)        => RGB(255,255,0)
//CMYK(0,0,0,255)        => RGB(0,0,0)

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