FileFormat enumeration

One of supported imaging file formats.

public enum FileFormat : ulong


Name Value Description
Undefined 0 Undefined file format.
Custom 1 Custom file format.
Bmp 2 Bmp (Dib) file format.
Gif 4 Gif file format.
Jpeg 8 Jpeg file format.
Png 10 Png file format.
Tiff 20 Tiff file format.
Psd 40 Psd file format.
Jpeg2000 200 Jpeg2000 file format
Djvu 400 Djvu file format
Webp 800 The webp file format
Emf 1000 The Emf/Emf+ file format
Dicom 2000 The dicom format
Svg 4000 SVG file format
Wmf 8000 The Wmf file format
Dng 10000 The DNG file format
Odg 20000 The Open document graphic format
Cdr 80000 The CDR file format
Cmx 100000 The CMX file format
Otg 200000 The otg file format
Html5Canvas 400000 The Html5 Canvas format
Eps 40000 The Encapsulated PostScript format
Apng 800000 The animated Png file format.
Tga 1000000 The Truevision TGA file format.
Dxf 2000000 The AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format.
Emz 4000000 The emz, compressed emf
Wmz 8000000 The WMZ, compressed wmf
Svgz 10000000 The SVGZ, compressed svg
FOdg 20000000 The fodg, flat odg format

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