FontSettings class

General imaging vector formats renderer font settings.

public static class FontSettings


static DefaultFontName { get; set; }Gets or sets the default name of the font.
static GetSystemAlternativeFont { get; set; }Gets or sets a value indicating whether [get alternative font].


static GetDefaultFontsFolders()Gets the default fonts folders.
static GetFontsFolders()Gets a copy of the array that contains the list of folders where Aspose.Words looks for TrueType fonts.
static Reset()Resets the fonts folder and default font name to the system default.
static SetFontsFolder(string)This is a shortcut to SetFontsFolders for setting only one font directory. There are no checks performed on the fonts folder.
static SetFontsFolders(string[], bool)Sets the folders where TrueType fonts are loaded from and clears all loaded fonts. There are no checks performed on the fonts folders.
static UpdateFonts()Updates fonts cache for PSD files that contain text layers. This method guarantees that fonts from folder fontsFolder using method FontSettings.SetFontsFolder(fontsFolder) or after reset fonts using FontSettings.Reset() will be taken into consideration when processing PSD files. Please use this method each time when FontSettings.SetFontsFolder(fontsFolder) or FontSettings.Reset() called for PSD images. Without calling this Method there is no guarantee that fonts will be updated.

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