PointF structure

Represents an ordered pair of floating-point x- and y-coordinates that defines a point in a two-dimensional plane.

public struct PointF


PointF(float, float)Initializes a new instance of the PointF structure with the specified coordinates.


static Empty { get; }Gets a new instance of the PointF structure that has X and Y values set to zero.
IsEmpty { get; }Gets a value indicating whether this PointF is empty.
X { get; set; }Gets or sets the x-coordinate of this PointF.
Y { get; set; }Gets or sets the y-coordinate of this PointF.


static Add(PointF, Size)Translates a given PointF by the specified Size.
static Add(PointF, SizeF)Translates a given PointF by a specified SizeF.
static Subtract(PointF, Size)Translates a PointF by the negative of a specified size.
static Subtract(PointF, SizeF)Translates a PointF by the negative of a specified size.
override Equals(object)Specifies whether this PointF contains the same coordinates as the specified Object.
override GetHashCode()Returns a hash code for this PointF structure.
override ToString()Converts this PointF to a human readable string.
operator +Translates a PointF by a given Size. (2 operators)
operator ==Compares two PointF structures. The result specifies whether the values of the X and Y properties of the two PointF structures are equal.
operator !=Determines whether the coordinates of the specified points are not equal.
operator -Translates a PointF by the negative of a given Size. (2 operators)

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