Class CheckBox

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    NoteCheckBox, NoteTask

    public abstract class CheckBox
    extends Object

    The base class for tags that can toggle their state between complete and incomplete.

    • Method Detail

      • getCreationTime

        public final Date getCreationTime()

        Gets or sets the creation time.

        Value: The Date.
      • setCreationTime

        public final void setCreationTime(Date value)

        Gets or sets the creation time.

        Value: The Date.
      • getCompletedTime

        public final Date getCompletedTime()

        Gets or sets the completed time.

        Value: The Nullable{DateTime}.
      • getStatus

        public final int getStatus()

        Gets or sets the status.

        Value: The TagStatus.
      • getIcon

        public abstract int getIcon()

        Gets or sets the icon.

        Value: The TagIcon.
      • getChecked

        public final boolean getChecked()

        Gets a value indicating whether the CheckBox is in the checked state.

      • setCompleted

        public final void setCompleted(Date completedTime)

        Sets the tag to completed state.

        completedTime - The completed time.
      • setCompleted

        public final void setCompleted()

        Sets the tag to completed state using current time as completed time.

      • setOpen

        public void setOpen()

        Sets the tag to open state.