Class ExtendedApsImage

  • public class ExtendedApsImage
    extends ExtendedApsNode

    Represents a wrapper for the standard ApsImage, which extends some of the drawing behavior.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExtendedApsImage

        public ExtendedApsImage( internalImage)

        Initializes a new instance of the ExtendedApsImage class.

        internalImage - The image.
    • Method Detail

      • getOrigin

        public getOrigin()

        Gets the origin.

        getOrigin in class ExtendedApsNode
      • getSize

        public getSize()

        Gets the size.

        getSize in class ExtendedApsNode
      • isBackground

        public final boolean isBackground()

        Gets whether the image is a background image.

      • applyScaleTransform

        public void applyScaleTransform(float scaleTransform)

        Applies scaling to the image.

        Specified by:
        applyScaleTransform in class ExtendedApsNode
        scaleTransform - The scale factor for the transformation.
      • applyPlaneTransform

        public void applyPlaneTransform( transformVector)

        Applies plane transform, moving node in x and y planes.

        Specified by:
        applyPlaneTransform in class ExtendedApsNode
      • addToCompositeNode

        public void addToCompositeNode( compositeNode)

        Adds this node to given compositeNode.

        Specified by:
        addToCompositeNode in class ExtendedApsNode