BaseRecognitionSettings class

Settings for the image recognition. Contains elements that allow customizing the recognition process.

public class BaseRecognitionSettings


BaseRecognitionSettings(Language)Initializes a new instance of the RecognitionSettings class with full set of properties.


AllowedCharacters { get; set; }Allowed characters set. Determines the type of characters allowed for recognition result.
AllowedSymbols { get; set; }Set the allowed characters with alphabet property.
AutomaticColorInversion { get; set; }Detect images with white text on dark/black background and automatically choose a special OCR algorithm for them.
DetectAreasMode { get; set; }Allows to select the optimal mode for document type areas: document, photo, plain text, column, image.
IgnoredSymbols { get; set; }Sets blacklist for recognition symbols.
Language { get; set; }Gets or sets the language used for OCR. Determines the alphabet used during recognition. Multi-language by default.
LinesFiltration { get; set; }Allows to recognize text in the tables (regions surrounded lines).
ThreadsCount { get; set; }Gets or sets the number fo threads for processing. By default, 0 means that the image will be processed with the number of threads equal to your number of processors. ThreadsCount = 1 means that the image will be processed in the main thread.
UpscaleSmallFont { get; set; }Allows you to use additional algorithms specifically for small font recognition. Useful for images with small size characters.

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