DetectAreasMode enumeration

Determines the type of neural network used for areas detection.

public enum DetectAreasMode


NONE0Doesn’t detect paragraphs. Better for a simple one-column document without pictures.
DOCUMENT1Detects paragraphs uses NN model for documents. Better for multicolumn document, document with pictures or with other not text objects.
PHOTO2Detects paragraphs uses NN model for photos. Better for image with a lot of pictures and other not text objects.
COMBINE3Detects paragraphs with text and then uses other NN model to detect areas inside of paragraphs. Better for images with complex structure.
TABLE4Detects cells with text. Preferable mode for images with table structure.
CURVED_TEXT5Detects lines and recognizes text on curved images. Preferred mode for photos of book and magazine pages.
TEXT_IN_WILD6A super-powerful neural network specialized in extracting words from low-quality images such as street photos, license plates, passport photos, meter photos, and photos with noisy backgrounds.


Used in the RecognitionSettings to specify which type of image you want to recognize.

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