RecognitionResult class

The results of the image recognition. Contains elements with recognition information and methods for result export.

public class RecognitionResult


Name Description
RecognitionAreasRectangles { get; } Gets rectangles coordinates.
RecognitionAreasText { get; } Gets list recognition results of a list of areas (Rectangles).
RecognitionCharactersList { get; } A set of characters found by the recognition algorithm and arranged in descending order of probability.
RecognitionLinesResult { get; } Gets a list of recognition results with a list of rows (Rectangles).
RecognitionText { get; } Gets recognition result in one string.
Skew { get; } Gets skew angle.
Warnings { get; } Gets list of the warning messages describing non-critical faults appeared during generation.


Name Description
GetJson(bool) Form JSON string with recognition results.
GetSpellCheckCorrectedText(SpellCheckLanguage, string) Corrects text (replaces misspelled words).
GetSpellCheckErrorList(SpellCheckLanguage, string) Find the misspelled words with suggested spellings for a given input text.
GetXml() Form XML string with recognition results.
Save(MemoryStream, SaveFormat, bool, SpellCheckLanguage, string) Saves the document as the plain text, PDF or Microsoft Word Document.
Save(string, SaveFormat, bool, SpellCheckLanguage, string) Saves the document as the plain text, PDF or Microsoft Word Document.
operator + To complete the full result from recognized fragments (lines).

Other Members

Name Description
class LinesResult Recognized text from row with row coordinates.

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