RecognitionResult.GetSpellCheckErrorList method

Find the misspelled words with suggested spellings for a given input text.

public List<SpellCheckError> GetSpellCheckErrorList(
    SpellCheckLanguage language = SpellCheckLanguage.Eng, string dictionaryPath = null)
Parameter Type Description
language SpellCheckLanguage Dictionary to use.
dictionaryPath String Optionally. Full path to the user dictionary (frequency dictionary). Dictionary file format: Plain text file in UTF-8 encoding. Word and Word Frequency are separated by space or tab.Per default, the word is expected in the first column and the frequency in the second column. Every word-frequency-pair in a separate line.A line is defined as a sequence of characters followed by a line feed ("\n"), a carriage return ("\r"), or a carriage return immediately followed by a line feed("\r\n"). Every word is expected to be in lower case.

Return Value

A list of SpellCheckError object representing misspelled words with lists suggested correct spellings for the each misspelled word, and with the edit distance.

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