Presets.RecognizeBubbleSheet method

Recognize the bubble sheet generated with CreateBubbleSheet method. To maintain consistency in form recognition, provide the same parameters as those in the CreateBubbleSheet method.

public static string RecognizeBubbleSheet(string fullPath, int elementsCount, int columns, 
    int answersCount, string title = null, BubbleType bubbleType = BubbleType.Round, 
    BubbleSize bubbleSize = BubbleSize.Normal, GlobalPageSettings settings = null)
fullPathStringRelative or absolute path to the completed form image.
elementsCountInt32The total number of questions in the supplemental assessment.
columnsInt32The number of columns the questions are arranged into.
answersCountInt32The total number of bubbles (answers) for each question.
titleStringTitle of the bubble sheet.
bubbleTypeBubbleTypeBubble style.
bubbleSizeBubbleSizeSize of bubbles.
settingsGlobalPageSettingsPage layout settings.

Return Value

CSV-formatted content (question ID and answer)


var settings = new GlobalPageSettings() { PaperSize = PaperSize.Letter }
Presets.RecognizeBubbleSheet("response.png", 100, 3, 5, "100 Questions", BubbleType.Square, BubbleSize.ExtraLarge, settings);

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