Presets.RecognizeSurvey method

Recognize a survey generated with CreateSurvey method. To maintain consistency in form recognition, provide the same parameters as those in the CreateSurvey method.

public static string RecognizeSurvey(string fullPath, string title, 
    GlobalPageSettings settings = null, params ChoiceBoxConfig[] questions)
fullPathStringRelative or absolute path to the generated survey image.
titleStringTitle of the survey.
settingsGlobalPageSettingsPage layout settings.
questionsChoiceBoxConfig[]A list of questions, configured using !:CreateSurveyLine(string, string[]).

Return Value

CSV-formatted content (question ID and answer)


var question1 = Presets.CreateSurveyQuestion("Are satisfied with your experience?", "Yes", "No", "Not sure");
var question2 = Presets.CreateSurveyQuestion("Rate our service:", "Great", "Good", "Mediocre", "Bad");
var settings = new GlobalPageSettings() { PaperSize = PaperSize.Letter }
Presets.RecognizeSurvey("C:\response.png", "Customer satisfaction survey", settings, question1, question2);

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