TemplateProcessor class

Class for processing templates and images. Each instance of this class works with a single OMR template. It is able to recognize images of the template specified in the constructor.

public class TemplateProcessor


Recalculate(RecognitionResult, int)Updates recognition result using fine tuned parameters.
Recognize(Stream, int)Recognizing file from stream
Recognize(Stream[], int)Recognizing collection of files from streams
Recognize(string, int)Recognizes file
Recognize(string[], int)Recognize multiple files as a single multipage file
RecognizeFolder(string, int)Recognizes images from folder


OmrEngine engine = new OmrEngine();
TemplateProcessor templateProcessor = engine.GetTemplateProcessor(templatePath);
RecognitionResult result = templateProcessor.Recognize(imagePath);
string csvResult = result.GetCsv();

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