BubbleArrayConfig class

Display possible answers as options each inside circle(bubble). Can only be used inside CustomRowConfig

public class BubbleArrayConfig : BaseConfig


BubbleArrayConfig()The default constructor.


AnswersValues { get; set; }Each value represent a symbol displayed inside of the bubble and amount of the bubbles. In case of difference between displayed value and recognized value see RecognitionValues Example: new string[] {“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”} Example: new string[] {“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”}
BubbleSize { get; set; }The size of a bubble
BubbleType { get; set; }The type of a bubble
FontFamily { get; set; }The font family of the text
FontSize { get; set; }The size of the text font
FontStyle { get; set; }The style of the text
override Name { get; set; }Name of bubble Array. Does not participate in displaying or generation of element
RecognitionValues { get; set; }Each entry overrides value in the recoginition result for correlating AnswersValues without affecting displayed value. if no value is set - recognition result will be filled with displayed values from the AnswersValues Example: new List(4) {“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”} Example: new List(4) {“Dog”, “Cat”, “Turtle”, “Dragon”}
override Type { get; set; }Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.

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