CustomAnswerSheetConfig class

Repeat custom rows. To describe custom row use - CustomRowConfig

public class CustomAnswerSheetConfig : ParentConfig


Name Description
CustomAnswerSheetConfig() Initialize instance with default values


Name Description
Amount { get; set; } Total amount of rows
BorderBottomStyle { get; set; } Additional style for bottom border
BorderColor { get; set; } Color of border
BorderLeftStyle { get; set; } Additional style for left border
BorderRightStyle { get; set; } Additional style for right border
BorderSize { get; set; } Size of border line
BorderTopStyle { get; set; } Additional style for top border
BorderType { get; set; } Type of drawn border to separate columns(sections)
override Children { get; set; } Child omr elements. In most cases positioned inside of parent or below.
ColumnsCount { get; set; } Amount of columns(sections) to group rows
override Name { get; set; } Name of RepeatRows element
Proportions { get; set; } Width ratio of each column inside it
override Type { get; set; } Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.

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