The Aspose.OMR.Generation.Config.Elements.Parents contains parent template elements required to generate forms programmatically see more at


AnswerConfigRepresents Answer element. Can be used as child with VerticalChoiceBoxConfig
BlockConfigRepresents Block element.
CheckBoxConfigRepresents CheckBox element.
ContainerConfigRepresents Container element.
PageConfigRepresents Page element. One per page. Must be placed inside of TemplateConfig
ParagraphConfigRepresents Paragraph element. Paragraph can consist of both text and text with an image. The image is specified by coordinates x, y.
PositionedBlockConfigGrouping element. Position any child in absolute coordinates on canvas
VerticalChoiceBoxConfigThe VerticalChoiceBox consists of a AnswerConfig element that contains a short response and ContentConfig elements that describe the response option in detail. It can also contain a WriteInConfig element in which the user can enter his own answer.