ContainerConfig class

Represents Container element.

public class ContainerConfig : ParentConfig


ContainerConfig()Create default instance with default values


BlockBottomMargin { get; set; }Amount of pixels to be placed below Blocks.
BlockRightMargin { get; set; }Amount of pixels to be placed between Blocks on the right side
BlockTopPadding { get; set; }Amount of pixels to be placed after top border of Block.
override Children { get; set; }Child omr elements. In most cases positioned inside of parent or below.
ColumnsCount { get; set; }Amount of columns inside of container. Divided on equal columns. Obsolete version of Proportions
ContainerType { get; set; }Type of Container
override Name { get; set; }Name of container element
Proportions { get; set; }Divide on custom ratio each column inside it Newer version of ColumnsCount
SyncBlockHeight { get; set; }When set to true sync all height of child BlockConfig. Bottom border aligned to met longest.
override Type { get; set; }Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.

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