PageConfig class

Represents Page element. One per page. Must be placed inside of TemplateConfig

public class PageConfig : ParentConfig


PageConfig()Create instance using default values


override Children { get; set; }Child omr elements. In most cases positioned inside of parent or below.
LeftMargin { get; set; }Space in pixels on left side of the canvas. Overrides value provided by PageMarginLeft
override Name { get; set; }Name of page
Orientation { get; set; }Orientation of this page. Overrides value provided by Orientation
PaperSize { get; set; }Paper size of this page Overrides value provided by PaperSize
RightMargin { get; set; }Space in pixels on right side of the canvas. Overrides value provided by PageMarginRight
RotationPointPosition { get; set; }Desired rotation point position on this page If not set - TopRight1 will be used Overrides value provided by RotationPointPosition
override Type { get; set; }Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.

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