The Aspose.OMR.Generation.Config.Elements contains all tempalte elements required to generate forms programmatically see more at


AnswerSheetConfigRepresents AnswerSheet element. It allows adding choice boxes grouped in columns and rows. Use the answer sheet if you want to fit a lot of questions on a page since they are located close to each other.
BarcodeConfigBarcode element. Can be used to encode value. Positioned on page using coordinates in pixels.
ChoiceBoxConfigThe choice box is a basic element that represents a single question with set amount of answers.
CompositeGridConfigGrid element. Produce array of bubbles. Each filled bubble represent one symbol in composite value All marked symbols will be concatenated into single value
ContentConfigRepresent content element. Can be used as child element in the table.
CustomTriggerConfigCustom Bubble. Upon filling can change behavior\value of target elements
EmptyLineConfigEmpty element. Can be used as vertical margin. Skipped height can be set via property.
GridConfigRepresent table of bubbles. Question identifier and multiple answers to choose Line of answers can be horizontal or vertical
ImageConfigRepresents Image element. Inserted from file system using provided path
InputGroupGrouping element. Consists of two Content children. Drawn in proportions 1\3 and 2\3.
TextConfigRepresents Text element. Used for displaying information. Does not participate in recognition.
WriteInConfigRepresents Write-In element. Used for handwritten fields. Upon recognition clipped as picture and placed in folder.