AnswerSheetConfig class

Represents AnswerSheet element. It allows adding choice boxes grouped in columns and rows. Use the answer sheet if you want to fit a lot of questions on a page since they are located close to each other.

public class AnswerSheetConfig : BaseConfig


AnswerSheetConfig()Create instance width default values


AnswersCount { get; set; }The number of answer options for each question in the answer sheet.
AnswersValues { get; set; }Each value represent symbol inside of bubble. Must have same count as AnswersCount Example: new string[] {“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”} Example: new string[] {“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”}
BubbleType { get; set; }The type of a bubble
Column { get; set; }Indicates in which column to draw sheet
ColumnsCount { get; set; }Sets the number of columns to be drawn.
ElementsCount { get; set; }Determines the total number of questions in the answer sheet.
override Name { get; set; }Name of answer sheet
StartId { get; set; }The starting index of the questions numbering
override Type { get; set; }Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.
VerticalMargin { get; set; }Vertical margin of answer sheet. Set in pixels.


BubbleSizeThe size of a bubble

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