BarcodeConfig class

Barcode element. Can be used to encode value. Positioned on page using coordinates in pixels.

public class BarcodeConfig : BaseConfig


Name Description
BarcodeConfig() Create instance using default values


Name Description
Align { get; set; } The barcode alignment on page
BarcodeQRVersion { get; set; } The QR version of QR code
BarcodeType { get; set; } The type of barcode element
DrawCodetext { get; set; } Indicates whether to draw text below barcode image)
Height { get; set; } The target height of barcode image
override Name { get; set; } Barcode name. For value Value
override Type { get; set; } Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.
Value { get; set; } The value of barcode to encode
X { get; set; } X coordinate. Set value to -1 for skip
Y { get; set; } Y coordinate. Set value to -1 for skip

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