CompositeGridConfig class

Grid element. Produce array of bubbles. Each filled bubble represent one symbol in composite value All marked symbols will be concatenated into single value

public class CompositeGridConfig : BaseConfig


Name Description
CompositeGridConfig() Create instance using default values


Name Description
BubbleType { get; set; } The type of a bubble
Column { get; set; } When element is drawn in multi-column parent - represent position.
ColumnsCount { get; set; } Amount of columns inside grid. Each column represent single symbol in result value Amount have to be equal to ExtraRow amount of columns
DisplayHint { get; set; }
ExtraRow { get; set; } Column-specific values that will be placed on top of default ones - Values. Presented as two dimensional array. First - row. Second - column. Each string represent text inside bubble. if string is null no bubble will be placed. Amount of columns have to be equal to ColumnsCount
GridAlignment { get; set; } Grid alignment, indicates where grid should be drawn on page
GridOrientation { get; set; } Grid orientation: horizontal or vertical. Indicates how child elements should be positioned
HeaderBorderColor { get; set; } Square border color
HeaderBorderSize { get; set; } Square border size
HeaderType { get; set; } Indicates what type of element to draw at the start of the grid
override Name { get; set; } Name of grid. Used as identifier in recognition
RotationAngle { get; set; } Describe rotation of Grid element around its own axis. “90” - rotate CompositeGrid 90 degrees “-90” - rotate ComopositeGrid to -90 degrees
override Type { get; set; } Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.
Values { get; set; } Collection of strings that will describe possible symbols in each column. Column-specific values are placed in ExtraRow
XPosition { get; set; } Grid X position on page, overrides the alignment
YPosition { get; set; } Grid Y position on page, overrides the alignment


Name Description
BubbleSize The size of a bubble
VerticalMargin The margin between lines

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