GridConfig class

Represent table of bubbles. Question identifier and multiple answers to choose Line of answers can be horizontal or vertical

public class GridConfig : BaseConfig


GridConfig()Create instance using default values


BubbleSize { get; set; }The size of a bubble
BubbleType { get; set; }The type of a bubble
Column { get; set; }When element is drawn in multi-column parent - represent position.
GridAlignment { get; set; }Grid alignment, indicates where grid should be drawn on page
GridOrientation { get; set; }Grid orientation: horizontal or vertical. Indicates how child elements should be positioned
HeaderBorderColor { get; set; }Square border color
HeaderBorderSize { get; set; }Square border size
HeaderType { get; set; }Indicates what type of element to draw at the start of the grid
override Name { get; set; }Name of grid. Used as identifier in recognition
OptionsCount { get; set; }Amount of answer options in each choice box, i.e. rows in top-down grid
SectionsCount { get; set; }Amount of choice boxes inside grid, i.e. columns in top-down grid
override Type { get; set; }Type of omr element. Required field for JSON serialization.
VerticalMargin { get; set; }The margin between lines
XPosition { get; set; }Grid X position on page, overrides the alignment
YPosition { get; set; }Grid Y position on page, overrides the alignment

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