Enumeration Description
AlignmentEnum Type of horizontal alignment relative to it’s parent. Used in many elements.
BarcodeType Type of Barcode used in BarcodeConfig
BorderType The Border type
BubbleType Type of bubble.
ConfigType Type of Omr Element
ContainerTypeEnum Type of ContainerConfig
ContentType Type of content display
GridHeaderTypeEnum The type of grid header
ParagraphTypeEnum Type of ParagraphConfig
QRVersion Type of QR that will be used for BarcodeConfig Responsible for maximum amount of bytes encoded by QR. If unsure - use Auto. Library will select appropriate size automatically
ScoreDisplay Control displaying of score value.
ScoreGroupType Type of score Group. Impacts drawing of score group element
ScoreHeaderType Type of score header.
TableType The Table type
TriggerType Type of trigger. Describe trigger behavior