The Aspose.OMR.Generation.Config.Enums contains enumerations required to generate forms programmatically see more at


AlignmentEnumType of horizontal alignment relative to it’s parent. Used in many elements.
BarcodeTypeType of Barcode used in BarcodeConfig
BorderTypeThe Border type
BubblePositionTypePosition of bubble aganist main content
BubbleTypeType of bubble.
ConfigTypeType of Omr Element
ContainerTypeEnumType of ContainerConfig
ContentTypeType of content display
DirectionalityDirection of drawing elements and text.
GridHeaderTypeEnumThe type of grid header
LongWordHandlingDescribes behaviour of template generation when encounter a word which dimensions a bigger than parent container. In this case word cannot be properly displayed inside parent container and cannot be wrapped.
ParagraphTypeEnumType of ParagraphConfig
QRVersionType of QR that will be used for BarcodeConfig Responsible for maximum amount of bytes encoded by QR. If unsure - use Auto. Library will select appropriate size automatically
ScoreDisplayControl displaying of score value.
ScoreGroupTypeType of score Group. Impacts drawing of score group element
ScoreHeaderTypeType of score header.
TableTypeThe Table type
TriggerTypeType of trigger. Describe trigger behavior
VerticalAlignmentDescribes vertical positioning of child element inside parent