GlobalPageSettings class

The global settings applicable to all page elements.

public class GlobalPageSettings


GlobalPageSettings()The default constructor.


BubbleColorColor of the bubbles
BubbleSizeThe size of the bubbles
FontFamilyThe font family of the text
FontSizeThe size of the text font
FontStyleThe style of the text
ImagesPathsFull paths to the images used in generation
LongWordHandlingDescribes behaviour for all cases of a single word dimensions overflowing parent.
OrientationOrientation of the page
OverflowSet overflow action for each element on this page. OverflowAction control parent-child relations when child element size overflows allocated parent element size.
PageMarginLeftLeft margin of the page on pixels
PageMarginRightRight margin of the page on pixels
PaperSizePaper size
ReferencePointsSet if preferences for Reference Points and it’s markers
WritingSystemPreset of template generation settings. Include directionality (LeftToRight or RightToLeft) and digits usage

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