System::EnumGetNameHelper< E, G, Guard > Struct Template Reference

Static Public Member Functions

template<class T >
static String GetName (T value)

Detailed Description

template<class E, class G, class Guard = void>
struct System::EnumGetNameHelper< E, G, Guard >

Helper class that provides functionality of geting the strting name of enum constant.

Template Parameters
EThe type of the enum with which the class' methods operate
GNot used
GuardNot used

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetName()

template<class E , class G , class Guard = void>
template<class T >
static String System::EnumGetNameHelper< E, G, Guard >::GetName ( value)

Returns the string name of the specified enum constant value.

valueThe enum constant value whose string name is to be obained
A string name of the specified enum constant value
Template Parameters
TThe type of enum values that are accepted by the method; T must be convertible to E