System::Threading::Timeout Struct Reference

Static Public Attributes

static ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API const int64_t Infinite = -1
 Infinite timeout in milliseconds. More...
static ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API const TimeSpan InfiniteTimespan
 Infinite timeout of TimeSpan type. More...

Detailed Description

Threading timeout special values. This is a static type with no instance services. You should never create instances of it by any means.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Infinite

ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API const int64_t System::Threading::Timeout::Infinite = -1

Infinite timeout in milliseconds.

◆ InfiniteTimespan

ASPOSECPP_SHARED_API const TimeSpan System::Threading::Timeout::InfiniteTimespan

Infinite timeout of TimeSpan type.