The com.aspose.xps.rendering package provides base classes for rendering XPS document to other formats.


Class Description
BmpSaveOptions Class for XPS-as-BMP saving options.
DeviceXps Intermediate device class containing internal convenience members.
ImageDevice Class incapsulating image composing device.
ImageSaveOptions Basic class for XPS-as-image saving options.
JpegSaveOptions Class for XPS-as-JPEG saving options.
PdfDevice Class incapsulating image composing device.
PdfEncryptionDetails Contains details for a pdf encryption.
PdfSaveOptions Class for XPS-as-PDF saving options.
PngSaveOptions Class for XPS-as-PNG saving options.
TiffSaveOptions Class for XPS-as-TIFF saving options.


Enum Description
InterpolationMode Specifies the algorithm that is used when images are scaled or rotated.
PdfEncryptionAlgorithm Encryption mode enumeration.
PdfImageCompression Specifies the type of compression applied to images in the PDF file.
PdfTextCompression Specifies a type of compression applied to all contents in the PDF file except images.
SmoothingMode Specifies whether smoothing (antialiasing) is applied to lines and curves and the edges of filled areas.
TextRenderingHint Specifies the quality of text rendering.