The com.aspose.xps is a root package for all classes that deal with XPS document.


Class Description
LoadOptions Basic class for document loading options.
Size2D The Size2D class describes dimensions (w x h) .
Size2D.Float The Float class defines dimensions specified in float coordinates.
XpsArcSegment Class incapsulating ArcSegment element features.
XpsArray Class incapsulating common XPS model array object features.
XpsBrush Class incapsulating common features of all brush elements.
XpsCanvas Class incapsulating Canvas element features.
XpsColor The base class incapsulating common color features.
XpsContentElement Incapsulates features of XPS content elements: Canvas, Path and Glyphs.
XpsDocument Class incapsulating the main entity of XPS document that provides manipulation methods for any XPS element.
XpsElement Class incapsulating common XPS element features.
XpsElementLinkTarget Class incapsulating the relative named-address hyperlink target.
XpsExternalLinkTarget Class incapsulating the external hyperlink target.
XpsFileResource Class incapsulating common features of all file resources.
XpsFont Class incapsulating a TrueType font resource.
XpsGlyphs Class incapsulating Glyphs element features.
XpsGradientBrush Class incapsulating common features of LinerGradientBrush and RadialGradientBrush elements.
XpsGradientStop Class incapsulating GradientStop element features.
XpsHyperlinkElement Incapsulates common features of XPS elements that can be a hyperlink.
XpsHyperlinkTarget Base class for a hyperlink target.
XpsIccBasedColor Incapsulates ICC based color.
XpsIccProfile Class incapsulating an ICC profile resource.
XpsImage Class incapsulating an image resource.
XpsImageBrush Class incapsulating ImageBrush property element features.
XpsLinearGradientBrush Class incapsulating LinearGradientBrush property element features.
XpsLoadOptions XPS document loading options.
XpsMatrix Class incapsulating MatrixTransform property element features.
XpsObject Class incapsulating common XPS model object features.
XpsPage Class incapsulating FixedPage element features.
XpsPageLinkTarget Class incapsulating the page hyperlink target.
XpsPath Class incapsulating Path element features.
XpsPathFigure Class incapsulating PathFigure element features.
XpsPathGeometry Class incapsulating PathGeometry property element features.
XpsPathPolySegment Class incapsulating common features of PolyLineSegment, PolyB?zierSegment and PolyQuadraticB?zierSegment elements.
XpsPathSegment Class incapsulating common features of all path segment elements.
XpsPolyBezierSegment Class incapsulating PolyBezierSegment element features.
XpsPolyLineSegment Class incapsulating PolyLineSegment element features.
XpsPolyQuadraticBezierSegment Class incapsulating PolyQuadraticBezierSegment element features.
XpsRadialGradientBrush Class incapsulating RadialGradientBrush property element features.
XpsRgbColor Incapsulates RGB color of any color space (sRGB or scRGB).
XpsSolidColorBrush Class incapsulating SolidColorBrush property element features.
XpsTilingBrush Class incapsulating common features of tiling brushes elements (VisualBrush and ImageBrush).
XpsTransformableBrush Class incapsulating common features of transformable brushes elements (all except SolidColorBrush).
XpsVisual Class incapsulating Visual element features.
XpsVisualBrush Class incapsulating VisualBrush property element features.


Enum Description
XpsColorInterpolationMode Valid values of gradient brushes’ ColorInterpolationMode property.
XpsDashCap Valid values of Path element’s StrokeDashCap property.
XpsEdgeMode Valid values of Canvas element’s RenderOptions.EdgeMode property.
XpsFillRule Valid values of PathGeometry element’s FillRule property.
XpsFontStyle Valid values for font styles.
XpsLineCap Valid values of Path element’s StrokeStartLineCap and StrokeEndLineCap properties.
XpsLineJoin Valid values of Path element’s StrokeLineJoin property.
XpsSpreadMethod Valid values of gradient brushes’ SpreadMethod property.
XpsStyleSimulations Valid values of Glyphs element’s StyleSimulations property.
XpsSweepDirection Valid values of ArcSegment element’s SweepDirection property.
XpsTileMode Valid values of tiling brushes’ TileMode property.