Class PdfSaveOptions

PdfSaveOptions class

This class contains input and output streams and other options necessary for managing conversion process.

public class PdfSaveOptions : SaveOptions


PdfSaveOptions()Initializes a new instance of the PdfSaveOptions class with default values for flags !:SuppressErrors (true) and !:Debug (false).
PdfSaveOptions(bool)Initializes a new instance of the PdfSaveOptions class with default values for flag !:Debug (false).


AdditionalFontsFolders { get; set; }Specifies additional folders where converter should find fonts for input document. Default folder are standard fonts folder where OS finds fonts for internal needs.
virtual Debug { get; set; }Specifies whether debug information must be printed to standard output stream or not.
virtual Exceptions { get; }Returns a list of suppressed conversion errors If !:SuppressErrors is true.
JpegQualityLevel { get; set; }The Quality category specifies the level of compression for an image. Available values are 0 to 100. The lower the number specified, the higher the compression and therefore the lower the quality of the image. 0 value results in lowest quality image, while 100 results in highest.
virtual SupressErrors { get; set; }Specifies whether errors must be suppressed or not. If true suppressed errors are added to Exceptions list. If false the first error will terminate the program.

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