Class PageConstants

PageConstants class

This class defines a set of constants which describe a page. Convenience objects are provided for various margins, orientations, rescaling, and standard page sizes.

public class PageConstants


static OrientationList { get; }Available orientation values
static SizeList { get; }Available page size values


static GetMargins(string)Gets page margins values Predefined page margins namePredefined page margins values
static GetMargins(Margins, string)Calculate page margins мфдгуы in specified orientation Original marginsOrientation of the pageЗredefined page margins for given orientation
static GetSize(string)Calculates page size in “Portrait” page orientation predefined page sizeCalculated page size
static GetSize(Size, string)Calculates page size in given page orientation Original page sizeOrientation of the pageCalculated page size
static GetSize(string, string)Calculates page size in given page orientation predefined page sizeorientation of the pageCalculated page size


const BACKGROUNDBackground key
const BACKGROUND_COLORBackground color key
const FIT_TO_PAGEFit content to page key
const MARGINS_LARGE“Large” page margins value
const MARGINS_MEDIUM“Medium” page margins value
const MARGINS_SMALL“Small” page margins value
const MARGINS_ZERO“Zero” page margins value
const ORIENTATIONOrientation key, for the named orienation of page, Portret or Landscape.
const ORIENTATION_BEST_FIT“Best fit” orientation value
const ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE“Landscape” orientation value
const ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT“Portrait” orientation value
const PAGE_MARGINSPage margins key
const PAGE_SIZEPage size key
const SIZE_A3“A3” page size value
const SIZE_A4“A4” page size value
const SIZE_A5“A5” page size value
const SIZE_A6“A6” page size value
const SIZE_EXECUTIVE“Executive” page size value
const SIZE_INTERNATIONAL“International” page size value
const SIZE_LEDGER“Ledger” page size value
const SIZE_LEGAL“Legal” page size value
const SIZE_LETTER“Letter” page size value
const TRANSPARENTTransparent background key
const VIEWING_ORIENTATIONViewing orientation key, for rotation matrix distinguishing orientation of content on the page. The default viewing orientation matrix is identity.

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