PsDocument class

This class encapsulates PS/EPS documents.

public sealed class PsDocument : Document


Name Description
PsDocument(Stream) Initializes PsDocument with a stream of PS/EPS file.


Name Description
NumberOfPages { get; } Returns the number of pages in resulting PDF document.


Name Description
GetXmpMetadata() Reads PS/EPS file and extracts XmpMetdata if it already exists or add new one if it doesn’t exist.
Merge(string[], Device, SaveOptions) Merges PS/EPS files to a device.
Save(Stream) Saves given PsDocument as EPS file. This method is used only after updating XMP metadata. It saves initial EPS file with updated existing metadata or new one created while calling GetMetadata method. In the last case all necessary PostScript code and EPS comments are added.
override Save(Device, SaveOptions) Saves PS/EPS file to a device.

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