Class PsConverterToPdfOptions

PsConverterToPdfOptions class

Represents PS/EPS to PDF converter options for PsConverter plugin.

public sealed class PsConverterToPdfOptions : PsConverterOptions


PsConverterToPdfOptions()Initializes new instance of the PsConverterToPdfOptions object with default options.


AdditionalFontsFolders { get; set; }Specifies additional folders where converter should find fonts for input document. Default folder are standard fonts folder where OS finds fonts for internal needs.
DataCollection { get; }Returns PsConverterOptions plugin data collection.
virtual Debug { get; set; }Specifies whether debug information must be printed to standard output stream or not.
virtual Exceptions { get; set; }Returns a list of suppressed conversion errors If !:SuppressErrors is true.
JpegQualityLevel { get; set; }The Quality category specifies the level of compression for an image. Available values are 0 to 100. The lower the number specified, the higher the compression and therefore the lower the quality of the image. 0 value results in lowest quality image, while 100 results in highest.
override OperationName { get; }Returns operation name.
SaveTargetsCollection { get; }Gets collection of added targets for saving operation results.
SupressErrors { get; set; }Specifies whether errors must be suppressed or not. If true suppressed errors are added to Exceptions list. If false the first error will terminate the program.


AddDataSource(IDataSource)Adds new data source to the PsConverter plugin data collection.
AddSaveDataSource(IDataSource)Adds new data source to the PsConverterOptions plugin data collection.

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