Class ImageDevice

ImageDevice class

Class incapsulating image composing device.

[Obsolete("ImageDevice class is deprecated beginning from 24.3. Please use SaveAsImage method in XpsDocument class instead. In 24.6 this class will be entirely hidden")]
public class ImageDevice : Device, IMultiPageDevice


ImageDevice()Creates the new instance.
ImageDevice(Size)Creates the new instance with specified media size.


virtual CurrentPageNumber { get; }Returns the absolute number of the current page within the document.
virtual CurrentRelativePageNumber { get; }Returns the relative number of the current page within the current partition.
Result { get; }Returns the resulting images byte arrays. The first dimension is for inner documents and the second one is for pages within inner documents.


virtual ClosePage()Accomplishes the page.
virtual ClosePartition()Accomplished the document partition.
InitPageNumbers()Initializes numbers of pages to output.
virtual OpenPage(string)Starts a new page with the specifies title.
virtual OpenPage(float, float)Starts a new page with the specified width and height.
virtual OpenPartition()Starts a new document partition.
override ToString()Returns the name of device type.
virtual UpdatePageParameters(IMultiPageDevice)Updates the current page parameters.

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