Class PdfDevice

PdfDevice class

Class incapsulating image composing device.

public class PdfDevice : Device, IMultiPageDevice


PdfDevice(Stream)Creates the new instance.
PdfDevice(Stream, Size)Creates the new instance with specified media size.


override Background { get; set; }Gets/sets the background color.
virtual CharTM { get; set; }Returns or specifies current characters transform.
Creator { get; set; }Returns or specifies creator of resulting device output.
virtual CurrentPageNumber { get; }Returns the absolute number of the current page withint the document.
virtual CurrentRelativePageNumber { get; }Returns the number of the current page within the current partititon.
override Font { get; set; }Gets/sets the current font.
virtual IsDirectRGB { get; }Indicates whether device uses direct RGB mode, that is RGB.
override Opacity { get; set; }Gets/sets the opacity.
override OpacityMask { get; set; }Gets/sets the brush for opacity mask. The mask applies over Paint or Strike.
override Paint { get; set; }Gets/sets the brush for filling paths.
Properties { get; set; }Device properties including metadata.
override SaveOptions { set; }Initializes save options.
override Size { get; set; }Gets/sets the device media size.
override Stroke { get; set; }Gets/sets the stroke for drawing paths.
virtual TextRenderingMode { get; set; }Returns or specifies current text rendering mode.
virtual TextStrokeWidth { get; set; }Returns or specifies current text stroke width.


virtual AddOutline(int, string)Adds an outline item with the last object as its target.
virtual AddOutline(PointF, int, string)Adds an outline item with the origin point as its target.
virtual ClosePage()Accomplishes the page.
virtual ClosePartition()Accomplished the document partition.
override Create()Creates a new instance of the device based on this device instance. Writes this device graphics state, i.e. creates ApsCanvas instance(s) with corresponding RenderTransform and Clip properties.
override Dispose()Disposes this device instance. Finalizes this device instance graphics state, i.e. switches APS composing context to the ApsCanvas of the level higher then this device’s graphics state ApsCanvas.
override Draw(GraphicsPath)Draws the specified path.
virtual DrawArc(double, double, double, double, double, double)Draws an arc.
virtual DrawImage(Bitmap, Matrix, Color)Draws an image with assigned transform and background.
virtual DrawLine(double, double, double, double)Draws a line segment.
virtual DrawOval(double, double, double, double)Draws an oval.
virtual DrawPolygon(double[], double[], int)Draws a poligone.
virtual DrawPolygon(int[], int[], int)Draws a polygon.
virtual DrawPolyline(double[], double[], int)Draws a polyline.
virtual DrawPolyline(int[], int[], int)Draws a polyline.
virtual DrawRect(double, double, double, double)Draws a rectangle.
virtual DrawRoundRect(double, double, double, double, double, double)Draws a round rectangle.
override DrawString(string, double, double)Draws a string at the specified position.
override EndDocument()Accomplishes the document.
override Fill(GraphicsPath)Fills the specified path.
virtual FillArc(double, double, double, double, double, double)Fills an arc.
virtual FillOval(double, double, double, double)Fills an oval.
virtual FillPolygon(double[], double[], int)Fills a poligone.
virtual FillPolygon(int[], int[], int)Fills a poligone.
virtual FillRect(double, double, double, double)Fills a rectangle.
virtual FillRoundRect(double, double, double, double, double, double)Fills a round rectangle.
GetProperty(string)Gets a value of string property.
GetPropertyColor(string)Gets a value of color property.
GetPropertyDouble(string)Gets a value of double property.
GetPropertyInt(string)Gets a value of integer property.
GetPropertyMargins(string)Gets a value of margin property.
GetPropertyRectangle(string)Gets a value of rectangle property.
GetPropertySize(string)Gets a value of size property.
override GetTransform()Returns the current transformation matrix.
virtual InitClip()Initializes clip of the device.
InitPageNumbers()Initializes numbers of pages to output.
IsProperty(string)Gets a value of boolean property.
virtual OpenPage(string)Starts a new page with the specifies title.
virtual OpenPage(float, float)Starts a new page with the specified width and height.
virtual OpenPartition()Starts a new document partition.
override ReNew()Sets the devices to the initial state.
override Reset()Resets the device.
override Rotate(double)Applies a clockwise rotation about the origin to the current transformation matrix.
virtual Rotate(double, double, double)Rotate the current transformation matrix around a point.
override Scale(double, double)Applies the specified scale vector to the current transformation matrix.
override SetClip(GraphicsPath)Adds the specified path to the current clip path.
virtual SetHyperlinkTarget(int)Sets the hyperlink with a page number as its target.
virtual SetHyperlinkTarget(string)Sets the hyperlink with an external URI as its target.
override SetTransform(Matrix)Sets the current transformation matrix.
override Shear(double, double)Applies the specified shear vector to the current transformation matrix.
override StartDocument()Starts the document.
override ToString()Returns the name of device type.
override Transform(Matrix)Multiplies the current transformation matrix by the specified Matrix.
override Translate(double, double)Applies the specified translation vector to the current transformation matrix.
virtual UpdatePageParameters(IMultiPageDevice)Updates the current page parameters.
virtual WriteComment(string)Writes a comment.

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