The Aspose.Page.Xps.XpsModel namespace provides classes that describe elements of XPS document.


XpsArcSegmentClass incapsulating ArcSegment element features. This element describes an elliptical arc.
XpsArray<T>Class incapsulating common XPS model array object features.
XpsBrushClass incapsulating common features of all brush elements.
XpsCanvasClass incapsulating Canvas element features. This element groups elements together. For example, Glyphs and Path elements can be grouped in a canvas in order to be identified as a unit (as a hyperlink destination) or to apply a composed property value to each child and ancestor element.
XpsColorThe base class incapsulating common color features.
XpsContentElementIncapsulates features of XPS content elements: Canvas, Path and Glyphs.
XpsElementClass incapsulating common XPS element features.
XpsElementLinkTargetClass incapsulating the relative named-address hyperlink target.
XpsExternalLinkTargetClass incapsulating the external hyperlink target.
XpsFileResourceClass incapsulating common features of all file resources.
XpsFontClass incapsulating a TrueType font resource.
XpsGlyphsClass incapsulating Glyphs element features. This element represents a run of uniformly-formatted text from a single font. It provides information necessary for accurate rendering and supports search and selection features in viewing consumers.
XpsGradientBrushClass incapsulating common features of LinerGradientBrush and RadialGradientBrush elements.
XpsGradientStopClass incapsulating GradientStop element features. This element is used by both the LinearGradientBrush and RadialGradientBrush elements to define the location and range of color progression for rendering a gradient.
XpsHyperlinkElementIncapsulates common features of XPS elements that can be a hyperlink.
XpsHyperlinkTargetBase class for a hyperlink target.
XpsIccBasedColorIncapsulates ICC based color.
XpsIccProfileClass incapsulating an ICC profile resource.
XpsImageClass incapsulating an image resource.
XpsImageBrushClass incapsulating ImageBrush property element features. This element is used to fill a region with an image.
XpsLinearGradientBrushClass incapsulating LinearGradientBrush property element features. This element is used to specify a linear gradient brush along a vector.
XpsMatrixClass incapsulating MatrixTransform property element features. This element defines an arbitrary affine matrix transformation used to manipulate the coordinate systems of elements.
XpsObjectClass incapsulating common XPS model object features.
XpsPageClass incapsulating FixedPage element features. This element contains the contents of a page and is the root element of a FixedPage part.
XpsPageLinkTargetClass incapsulating the page hyperlink target.
XpsPathClass incapsulating Path element features. This element is the sole means of adding vector graphics and images to a fixed page. It defines a single vector graphic to be rendered on a page.
XpsPathFigureClass incapsulating PathFigure element features. This element is composed of a set of one or more line or curve segments.
XpsPathGeometryClass incapsulating PathGeometry property element features. This element contains a set of path figures specified either with the Figures attribute or with a child PathFigure element.
XpsPathPolySegmentClass incapsulating common features of PolyLineSegment, PolyBézierSegment and PolyQuadraticBézierSegment elements.
XpsPathSegmentClass incapsulating common features of all path segment elements.
XpsPolyBezierSegmentClass incapsulating PolyBezierSegment element features. This element describes a set of cubic Bézier curves.
XpsPolyLineSegmentClass incapsulating PolyLineSegment element features. This element describes a polygonal drawing containing an arbitrary number of individual vertices.
XpsPolyQuadraticBezierSegmentClass incapsulating PolyQuadraticBezierSegment element features. This element describes a set of quadratic Bézier curves from the previous point in the path figure through a set of vertices, using specified control points.
XpsRadialGradientBrushClass incapsulating RadialGradientBrush property element features. This element is used to specify a radial gradient brush.
XpsRgbColorIncapsulates RGB color of any color space (sRGB or scRGB).
XpsSolidColorBrushClass incapsulating SolidColorBrush property element features. This element is used to fill defined geometric regions with a solid color.
XpsTilingBrushClass incapsulating common features of tiling brushes elements (VisualBrush and ImageBrush).
XpsTransformableBrushClass incapsulating common features of transformable brushes elements (all except SolidColorBrush).
XpsVisualBrushClass incapsulating VisualBrush property element features. This element is used to fill a region with a drawing.


XpsColorInterpolationModeValid values of gradient brushes’ ColorInterpolationMode property.
XpsDashCapValid values of Path element’s StrokeDashCap property.
XpsEdgeModeValid values of Canvas element’s RenderOptions.EdgeMode property.
XpsFillRuleValid values of PathGeometry element’s FillRule property.
XpsLineCapValid values of Path element’s StrokeStartLineCap and StrokeEndLineCap properties.
XpsLineJoinValid values of Path element’s StrokeLineJoin property.
XpsSpreadMethodValid values of gradient brushes’ SpreadMethod property.
XpsStyleSimulationsValid values of Glyphs element’s StyleSimulations property.
XpsSweepDirectionValid values of ArcSegment element’s SweepDirection property.
XpsTileModeValid values of tiling brushes’ TileMode property.