Class XpsLinearGradientBrush

XpsLinearGradientBrush class

Class incapsulating LinearGradientBrush property element features. This element is used to specify a linear gradient brush along a vector.

public sealed class XpsLinearGradientBrush : XpsGradientBrush


ColorInterpolationMode { get; set; }Returns/sets value specifying the gamma function for color interpolation. The gamma adjustment should not be applied to the alpha component, if specified.
EndPoint { get; set; }Returns/sets the end point of the linear gradient.
GradientStops { get; set; }Returns/sets list of gradient stops that comprise the gradient.
Opacity { get; set; }Returns/sets value defining the uniform transparency of the brush fill.
SpreadMethod { get; set; }Returns/sets value describing how the brush should fill the content area outside of the primary, initial gradient area.
StartPoint { get; set; }Returns/sets the starting point of the linear gradient.
Transform { get; set; }Returns/sets the matrix transformation applied to the coordinate space of the brush. The Transform property is concatenated with the current effective render transform to yield an effective render transform local to the brush. The viewport for the brush is transformed using the local effective render transform.


Clone()Clones this linear gradient brush.

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