The Aspose.Page is a root namespace for all classes of Aspose.Page library which are either directly in it like Device or indirectly through several subnamespaces.


BuildVersionInfoThis class provides information about current product build.
DeviceThis class encapsulates rendering of document to abstract device. Rendering of the document is performed page by page.
DocumentA superclass for all encapsulated documents.
ExternalFontCacheUse this class to obtain font encapsulation in a form that is accepted by Device.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
MarginsThis class encapsulates top, left, bottom and right margins.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
SaveOptionsThis class contains options necessary for managing conversion process.
UserPropertiesSpecial property class which allows typed properties to be set and returned. It also allows the hookup of two default property objects to be searched if this property object does not contain the property.


IGlyphThis interface give access to main parameters of glyphs.
IMultiPageDeviceThis interface contains methods for manipulating multi-paged device.
IStreamableThis interface is used for dervices that renders document to a stream.
ITrFontThis interface give access to main parameters of font.


TextRenderingModeThis enum contains possible values for text rendering mode.