Class Device

Device class

This class encapsulates rendering of document to abstract device. Rendering of the document is performed page by page.

public abstract class Device


Device(Size)Initializes Device with a size of a page.


virtual Background { get; set; }Returns or specifies current background of the page.
virtual CharTM { get; set; }Returns or specifies current characters transform.
Creator { get; set; }Returns or specifies creator of resulting device output.
virtual Font { get; set; }Returns or specifies current font.
virtual IsDirectRGB { get; }Indicates whether device uses direct RGB mode, that is RGB.
virtual Opacity { get; set; }Returns or specifies current opacity.
virtual OpacityMask { get; set; }Returns or specifies current opacity mask.
virtual Paint { get; set; }Returns or specifies current paint.
Properties { get; set; }Device properties including metadata.
virtual SaveOptions { set; }Options for managing rendering process.
virtual Size { get; set; }Returns or specifies a size of the page.
virtual Stroke { get; set; }Returns or specifies current stroke.
virtual TextRenderingMode { get; set; }Returns or specifies current text rendering mode.
virtual TextStrokeWidth { get; set; }Returns or specifies current text stroke width.


virtual Create()Creates a copy of this device.
virtual Dispose()Disposes the device.
virtual Draw(GraphicsPath)Draws a path.
virtual DrawArc(double, double, double, double, double, double)Draws an arc.
virtual DrawImage(Bitmap, Matrix, Color)Draws an image with assigned transform and background.
virtual DrawLine(double, double, double, double)Draws a line segment.
virtual DrawOval(double, double, double, double)Draws an oval.
virtual DrawPolygon(double[], double[], int)Draws a poligone.
virtual DrawPolygon(int[], int[], int)Draws a polygon.
virtual DrawPolyline(double[], double[], int)Draws a polyline.
virtual DrawPolyline(int[], int[], int)Draws a polyline.
virtual DrawRect(double, double, double, double)Draws a rectangle.
virtual DrawRoundRect(double, double, double, double, double, double)Draws a round rectangle.
virtual DrawString(string, double, double)Draws a string at given point.
virtual EndDocument()Makes necessary preparation of device after the document has been rendered.
virtual Fill(GraphicsPath)Fills a path.
virtual FillArc(double, double, double, double, double, double)Fills an arc.
virtual FillOval(double, double, double, double)Fills an oval.
virtual FillPolygon(double[], double[], int)Fills a poligone.
virtual FillPolygon(int[], int[], int)Fills a poligone.
virtual FillRect(double, double, double, double)Fills a rectangle.
virtual FillRoundRect(double, double, double, double, double, double)Fills a round rectangle.
GetProperty(string)Gets a value of string property.
GetPropertyColor(string)Gets a value of color property.
GetPropertyDouble(string)Gets a value of double property.
GetPropertyInt(string)Gets a value of integer property.
GetPropertyMargins(string)Gets a value of margin property.
GetPropertyRectangle(string)Gets a value of rectangle property.
GetPropertySize(string)Gets a value of size property.
virtual GetTransform()Gets current transform.
virtual InitClip()Initializes clip of the device.
IsProperty(string)Gets a value of boolean property.
virtual ReNew()Reset device to initial state for whole document. Used for reseting output stream.
virtual Reset()Reset the device to initial state for a page.
virtual Rotate(double)Rotate the current transformation matrix. Calls writeTransform(Transform). Rotating with a positive angle theta rotates points on the positive x axis toward the positive y axis.
virtual Rotate(double, double, double)Rotate the current transformation matrix around a point.
virtual Scale(double, double)Scales the current transformation matrix. Calls writeTransform(Transform).
virtual SetClip(GraphicsPath)Specifies the clip of the device.
virtual SetTransform(Matrix)Specifies current transform.
virtual Shear(double, double)Shears the current transformation matrix. Calls writeTransform(Transform).
virtual StartDocument()Makes necessary preparation of device before start rendering of document.
override ToString()Returns the name of device type.
virtual Transform(Matrix)Transforms the current transformation matrix. Calls writeTransform(Transform)
virtual Translate(double, double)Translates the current transformation matrix. Calls writeTransform(Transform).
virtual WriteComment(string)Writes a comment.


static VERSIONCurrent device version.

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