Interface ITrFont

ITrFont interface

This interface give access to main parameters of font.

public interface ITrFont


CharStrings { get; }Returns mapping between character name and glyph.
Encoding { get; }Returns enbcoding array.
EncodingTable { get; }Returns the name of the encoding.
FID { get; }Returns font identificator.
Font { get; }Returns DrFont corresponding to this font.
FontName { get; }Returns font name.
FontType { get; }Returns a type of font in Adobe classification.
NativeFont { get; }Returns System.Drawing.Font corresponding to this font.
Size { get; }Returns font size.
Style { get; }Returns font style.
Transform { get; }Returns font transform.


Clone()Clones the font.
DeriveFont(float)Creates equivalent of this font with new size.
DeriveFont(FontStyle)Creates equivalent of this font with new style.
DeriveFont(Matrix)f character Creates equivalent of this font with new transform.
DeriveFont(float, FontStyle)Creates equivalent of this font with new size and style.
GetCharWidth(char)Returns a width of character.
GetOutline(char, float, float)Returns an outline of glyph in specified location.

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