Class ThumbnailDevice

  • public final class ThumbnailDevice
    extends ImageDevice

    Represents image device that save pdf document pages into Thumbnail image.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ThumbnailDevice

        public ThumbnailDevice()

        Initializes a new instance of the ThumbnailDevice class with default size of thumbnail image (200x200 pixels).

      • ThumbnailDevice

        public ThumbnailDevice(int width,
                               int height)

        Initializes a new instance of the ThumbnailDevice class.

        width - Thumbnail image output width.
        height - Thumbnail image output height.
    • Method Detail

      • processInternal

        public void processInternal(Page page,
                                    OutputStream output)

        Converts the page into thumbnail image png and saves it in the output stream.

        page - The page to convert.
        output - Output stream with png image.
      • processInternal

        public void processInternal(Page page,
        Description copied from class: PageDevice

        Performs some operation on the given page, e.g. converts page into graphic image.

        Specified by:
        processInternal in class PageDevice
        page - The page to process.
        output - This stream contains the results of processing.