The com.aspose.pdf.facades package provides classes originally came from Aspose.Pdf.Kit. These classes are used for manipulating documents performing operations like concatenating, stamping, signing, annotating etc. but on the high level without access to a document’s inner structure.


AlignmentTypeClass contains possibly alignment types.
AutoRotateModeDirection of the rotation when document is printed.
BlendingColorSpaceClass represents blending color space.
BookmarkRepresents a bookmark.
BookmarksRepresents a collection of Bookmark objects.
CgmPdfProducerRepresents a class to produce PDF from Computer Graphics Metafile(CGM) format.
DataTypeEnumerates field types definitions.
DefaultMetadataPropertiesEnumeration of standard XMP properties.
DocumentPrivilegeRepresents the privileges for accessing Pdf file.
EncodingTypeEnumerates encoding types of the text using.
FacadeBase facade class.
FontColorClass representing color of the text.
FormClass representing Acro form object.
Form.ImportStatusStatus of imported field
FormEditorClass for editing forms (adding/deleting field etc)
FormEditorWebClass for editing forms (ading/deleting field etc)
FormFieldFacadeClass for representing field properties.
FormWebRepresenting Acro form Interface.
FormattedTextClass which represents formatted text.
LineInfoRepresents the information of line.
PdfAnnotationEditorRepresents a class for work with PDF document annotations (comments).
PdfBookmarkEditorRepresents a class to work with PDF file’s bookmarks including create, modify, export, import and delete.
PdfContentEditorRepresents a class to edit PDF file’s content.
PdfConverterRepresents a class to convert a pdf file’s each page to images, supporting BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF now.
PdfExtractorClass for extracting images and text from PDF document.
PdfFileEditorImplements operations with PDF file: concatenation, splitting, extracting pages, making booklet, etc.
PdfFileEditor.ConcatenateCorruptedFileActionAction performed when corrupted file was met in concatenation process.
PdfFileEditor.ConcatenationProgressHandlerRepresents class with abstract method that usually supplied by calling side and handles progress events that comes from concatenation.
PdfFileEditor.CorruptedItemClass which provides information about corrupted files in time of concatenation.
PdfFileEditor.PageBreakData of page break position.
PdfFileEditor.ProgressEventHandlerInfoThis class represents information about concatenation progress that can be used in external application.
PdfFileEditor.ProgressEventTypeThis enum describes possible progress event types that can occure during concatenation
PdfFileEditorWebRepresents PdfFileEditorWeb class
PdfFileInfoRepresents a class for accessing meta information of PDF document.
PdfFileMendRepresents a class for adding texts and images on the pages of existing PDF document.
PdfFileSanitizationRepresents sanitization and recovery API.
PdfFileSecurityRepresents encrypting or decrypting a Pdf file with owner or user password, changing the security setting and password.
PdfFileSignatureRepresents a class to sign a pdf file with a certificate.
PdfFileStampClass for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
PdfFileStampWebClass for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
PdfJavaScriptStripperClass for removing all Java Script code.
PdfPageEditorRepresents a class to edit the PDF file’s page, including rotating page, zooming page, moving position and changing page size.
PdfPrintPageInfoRepresents an object that contains current printing page info.
PdfProducerRepresents a class to produce PDF from other formats.
PdfQueryPageSettingsEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the QueryPageSettings event of a PrintDocument.
PdfViewerRepresents a class to view or print a pdf.
PdfXmpMetadataClass for manipulation with XMP metadata.
PositioningModeDefines positioning mode.
PropertyFlagEnumeration of possible field flags.
ReplaceTextStrategyThis class contains parameters which define PdfContentEditor behavior when ReplaceText operation is performed.
SaveableFacadeBase class for all saveable facades.
StampClass represeting stamp.
StampInfoClass representing stamp information.
TextPropertiesRepresents text properties such as: text size, color, style etc.
VerticalAlignmentTypeClass representing possible vertical alignment values.
ViewerPreferenceDescribes viewer prefereces (page mode, non full screen page mode, page layout).
WordWrapModeDefines word wrapping strategies


IFacadeGeneral facade interface that defines common facades methods.
IFormClass representing Acro form object.
IFormEditorClass for editing forms (adding/deleting field etc)
IPdfFileEditorImplements operations with PDF file: concatenation, splitting, extracting pages, making booklet, etc.
IPdfFileStampinterface for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
ISaveableFacadeFacade interface that defines methods common for all saveable facades.


AlgorithmRepresents algorithms which can be used to encrypt pdf document.
FieldTypeEnumeration of possible field types.
FontStyleEnumerates 14 types of font.
ImageMergeModeRepresents modes for merging images.
KeySizeDefines different key sizes which can be used to encrypt pdf documents.
StampTypeDescribes stamp types.
SubmitFormFlagEnumeration of possible submit form flags.