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    The com.aspose.pdf.facades package provides classes originally came from Aspose.Pdf.Kit.
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      Subinterfaces of IFacade in com.aspose.pdf.facades 
      Modifier and Type Interface and Description
      interface  ISaveableFacade
      Facade interface that defines methods common for all saveable facades.
      Classes in com.aspose.pdf.facades that implement IFacade 
      Modifier and Type Class and Description
      class  AutoFiller
      Represents a class to receive data from database or other datasource, fills them into the designed fields of the template pdf and at last generates new pdf file or stream.
      class  Facade
      Base facade class.
      class  Form
      Class representing Acro form object.
      class  FormEditor
      Class for editing forms (adding/deleting field etc)
      class  FormEditorWeb
      Class for editing forms (ading/deleting field etc)
      class  FormWeb
      Representing Acro form Interface.
      class  PdfAnnotationEditor
      Represents a class for work with PDF document annotations (comments).
      class  PdfBookmarkEditor
      Represents a class to work with PDF file's bookmarks including create, modify, export, import and delete.
      class  PdfContentEditor
      Represents a class to edit PDF file's content.
      class  PdfConverter
      Represents a class to convert a pdf file's each page to images, supporting BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF now.
      class  PdfExtractor
      Class for extracting images and text from PDF document.
      class  PdfFileInfo
      Represents a class for accessing meta information of PDF document.
      class  PdfFileMend
      Represents a class for adding texts and images on the pages of existing PDF document.
      class  PdfFileSanitization
      Represents sanitization and recovery API.
      class  PdfFileSecurity
      Represents encrypting or decrypting a Pdf file with owner or user password, changing the security setting and password.
      class  PdfFileSignature
      Represents a class to sign a pdf file with a certificate.
      class  PdfFileStamp
      Class for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
      class  PdfFileStampWeb
      Class for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
      class  PdfPageEditor
      Represents a class to edit the PDF file's page, including rotating page, zooming page, moving position and changing page size.
      class  PdfViewer
      Represents a class to view or print a pdf.
      class  PdfXmpMetadata
      Class for manipulation with XMP metadata.
      class  SaveableFacade
      Base class for all saveable facades.