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    The com.aspose.pdf.facades package provides classes originally came from Aspose.Pdf.Kit.
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      Subclasses of SaveableFacade in com.aspose.pdf.facades 
      Modifier and Type Class and Description
      class  Form
      Class representing Acro form object.
      class  FormEditor
      Class for editing forms (adding/deleting field etc)
      class  FormEditorWeb
      Class for editing forms (ading/deleting field etc)
      class  FormWeb
      Representing Acro form Interface.
      class  PdfAnnotationEditor
      Represents a class for work with PDF document annotations (comments).
      class  PdfBookmarkEditor
      Represents a class to work with PDF file's bookmarks including create, modify, export, import and delete.
      class  PdfContentEditor
      Represents a class to edit PDF file's content.
      class  PdfFileInfo
      Represents a class for accessing meta information of PDF document.
      class  PdfFileMend
      Represents a class for adding texts and images on the pages of existing PDF document.
      class  PdfFileSanitization
      Represents sanitization and recovery API.
      class  PdfFileSecurity
      Represents encrypting or decrypting a Pdf file with owner or user password, changing the security setting and password.
      class  PdfFileSignature
      Represents a class to sign a pdf file with a certificate.
      class  PdfFileStamp
      Class for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
      class  PdfFileStampWeb
      Class for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
      class  PdfPageEditor
      Represents a class to edit the PDF file's page, including rotating page, zooming page, moving position and changing page size.
      class  PdfXmpMetadata
      Class for manipulation with XMP metadata.