The com.aspose.pdf.printing package provides classes which are used for configuring the printing process.


Class Description
DuplexKind Specifies the printer’s duplex setting.
PdfPrintRange Specifies the part of the document to print.
PdfPrinterResolution Represents the resolution supported by a printer.
PdfPrinterResolutionKind Specifies a printer resolution.
PdfPrinterSettings Specifies information about how a document is printed, including the printer that prints it.
PrintPageSettings Specifies settings that apply to a single, printed page.
PrintPaperSize Specifies the size of a piece of paper.
PrintPaperSource Specifies the paper tray from which the printer gets paper.
PrintPaperSourceKind Standard paper sources.
PrinterMargins Specifies the dimensions of the margins of a printed page.
PrinterPaperKind Specifies the standard paper sizes.