The com.aspose.pdf.text package provides classes that allow to extract text, add text, manipulate existing text of a document. It also contains classes that allow to extract, replace, substitute fonts of a document.


CustomFontSubstitutionBaseRepresents a base class for custom font substitution strategy.
CustomFontSubstitutionBase.OriginalFontSpecificationRepresents original font specification.
ExtractedTextPostProcessorPerforms post processing of extrated text
FontSourceCollectionRepresents font sources collection.
FontSubstitutionFor internal usage only
FontSubstitutionCollectionRepresents font substitution strategies collection.
FontTypesSupported font types enumeration.
InternalHelperInternal class
SimpleFontSubstitutionRepresents a class for simple font substitution strategy.
SubstitutionFontCategoriesRepresents font categories that can be substituted.
SystemFontsSubstitutionRepresents a class for font substitution strategy that substitutes fonts with system fonts.
TextProcessingContextRepresents text processing context